Friday, August 14, 2009

The aftermath...

I feel terrible for neglecting to update for almost a week now. I know I have to be more diligent for updating blogs but with the Esty store opening and sewing all day I really didn't have the time to edit and upload the photos. I probably make it sound like I sew 24hrs a day but with the school starting in few weeks, I really need to make as many pieces as possible while I have the time AND the energy. But it's been so tempting lately to just drop everything and chill at a cafe nearby with the weather being so warm and nice (for once).
I was working on a sweater yesterday and I realized that slowly but surely fall/winter is approaching. Although I love shopping for boots and coats, it makes me a little sad that I live in a country where winter lasts 6 months.

I love our products with the labels sewn on. They look very complete.

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  1. That's so exciting that you're opening an etsy store!! :)